EAT GIRL: Hanna Hayden


You probably already know who I’m talking about…. it’s Hanna Hayden Lacostena, after all. BIG TIME . So I don’t have to bidazle her with pompous adjetives and sparkling Swarovski-like words and I can skip the whole CV-resume. Right? Right.

She suddenly -puff!- breezes in looking (in her own words) “disastrous” and “not slept AT ALL” to our coffee and croissant rendezvous. Lemme tell you people -for my own dignity’s sake- I do NOT want to be seen next to her the day she’s actually slept eight hours. After this -babababooom- blonde pops in,  I feel obliged to hide behind some Willy Wonka diametered sunglasses (not mine… the woman next door’s…). Go figure.

May I just commit the whole post to her hair? Or just fuck it and surrender to her blasé cool (very parisienne) know-how? I think the cascade of saliva descending from my inferior jaw just left the café’s floor spotless…. I am THAT mesmerised by the woman! But enough. Let the lady win you over herself….


• Name:
Hanna Hayden Lacostena
• What do you do?
Photography (* Editor’s note: This girl makes art with a click…Just sayin’)
• I have a few ….
Shampoos! I use a different one every day so my hair doesn’t get used to it. I have a hair-product collection worthy of admiration!
• In the kitchen, I swear by….
Tabasco. I love everything drowned in Tabasco. Although I can’t feel my tongue after a big spoonful of it….
• A taste I could not live without….
Fuet! I die every time I go on a long journey to countries without fuet …. I always miss it (too much) after 24h without it by my side… For example, once I traveled to NY and I daydreamed about fuet everywhere I went… Less Bagels and more fuet!!!

• A place you HAVE to go:
Yo Sushi ( It’s in England and whenever I travel there, I HAVE to go. They serve sushi in a sort of belt or circuit that moves around the bar. Your pick (too many dishes), eat (too many dishes) and enjoy like a kiddo.
• If you could cook for someone (living or dead), who would it be?
It would be interesting to mount a dinner with Frank Sinatra (whom I adore) and the Queen of England …. The conversation wouldn’t disappoint.
• What would you cook for them?
• I’ve always wanted to try … ..
Cake sushi. Sounds weird but … Who could say no to a giant Maki roll?



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