Black friday….

Allow us to really hit it home: when it comes to food, we don’t mess around. Jeeze man, we take our snacking seriously. Jeeze man nº2, the blog is even named after a Cake.
Nevertheless…. this 3-D, cyber, parallel, blackhole, universal megabyte is about creativity… No? Bear with me bro. Be it a cookie, a croquet monsieur, a miley cyrus wannabe music hit or a (f**king A-MEN alleluha) piece of clothing… Us human beings invest the same amount of energy in creating, inventing and actually making one thing or another. When it comes down to creativity, a shoe is exactly the same as a brownie…. ‘Cause there’s some poor ol’ soul behind the process, squeezing his guts out to make something aah-mazing.
Now picture the asian-lookalike Emoji. The sqwinting of the eyes, that drooling smile of pleasure… Thats us (me) when something new, bold, breaking-boundaries kinda thing is released. And that’s the exact face (well, actually the yellow guy with the heart-shaped weirdo eyes) i had on when Laura Searle and Dani  showed me their clothing masterpieces. These guys are good (insert emoji 😱).

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