Into the wild….


Exuse my lack of imagination and the use of an exploited, over-indulged, oh-so-common title. It’s a prostituted title, je sais. But aaah… it’s early in the morning and these amazing snaps are just too much -but like, too too much- to give a heck. So let’s welcome prostituted titles, over-viewed films and dreamy-tinkerbell-oh la la kinda weekends, brought to you by Je N’aime Pas Le Pink (of course, duuh!)

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“Take me away” I solemnly told him in an eager manner. Metropolitan life was not what it used to be. Though a part of me still yearns for the dynamics city-life involves, a part of me had changed since last October. Having spent four months in Somerset at a barn house located two kilometres away from the main road and surrounded by miles of fields hosted by countless sheep; the humming silence encountered in my daily routine had become somewhat of a soothing and familiar sensation. It escorted me wherever I went.

Months later, I now find myself in Vienna. Having grown up most of my childhood in Barcelona, I am familiar with streets arranged in a criss-crossed manner, those vertiginous buildings that, if caught from the right perspective, seem to incline themselves in a menacing manner, corners perfect for people-spotting and the rushing behaviourism that comes with it all. Don’t get me wrong: I love Cities. I’m currently living in a beautiful one at the moment. But still, that doesn’t take away me feeling drawn to that soothing silence, al tempo with natures secretive vitality.

“Take me away” I repeated once more. And so he did.

On Saturday morning we woke up to the sound of the wind hustling with the branches of those splendorous pine trees. With much intrigue, I stepped out onto the porch located -somewhere, nowhere in the area of Gscheid ( lhiper link:,3038566p )- and sat down on the bench facing in some remote direction. It could have been west. Maybe north. My mediocre sense of orientation then reminded me of that in the city. And whilst taking small sips of freshly brewed tea, my eyes strolled across my surroundings, spotting details that wouldn’t mundanely catch ones attention. What an enchanting place that was.

09 010

Close to 2pm, when the sun was fully gleaming down at us, we decided to part on our adventure. Up to the Göller! We entered the inviting forest and every step we took, was a step that brought me further away from my saturated brain. The air temperature changed depending on where we stood, encouraging me to take a deep breath and feel a slight and pleasant burn in my lungs every time the atmosphere got crispier. We were half way up by 5pm, when we realized how tempting the moist ground made it to walk barefoot. Having reflected for a slip second, and realizing it was too fresh for any snaked to be on their own hunting spree, we went on barefoot. For a city girl, I did not hesitate one bit. My sense of stability increased conducting all signs of stress into oblivion.

Dusk was around the corner, and as we glided on that hills crest in unison with the setting sun, we realized our goal would have to be pursued on another occasion. We indulged the remaining sun strays on top of that anonymous hill, topping up our Vitamin D deposit. And there it was, that peaceful melody conducted by silence.

015 014 013By Je N’aime Pas Le Pink


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