You say tomatoe, I say tomatooo…..

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To all those who follow this exquisitely creative Blog, I so totally get it. You know those extraordinary human beings who just happen to have a gift at enlightening your day with their presence? Yes, well add that to a bunch of self-made edible goodies and you got Clara.

Me, I’m another story. Hand me a pencil. Yep, I’m walking down the path of creativity too, but not quite the same lane. My passion is to doodle, draw, illustrate – call it whatever you fancy. So, what the heck is a doodler doing on a cuisine site? Well, for starters, I own a kitchen myself and I happen to follow Clara’s same gastronomical philosophy. Other than that, well, you know, nothing explicitly vital and essential. It’s not like I have to eat to survive, right? (Please, feel free to get my sarcastic sense of humor and not take me too seriously). My point is, the same way I’m able to make out of a concoction of lines, a figurative and nice to look at, drawing; I like experimenting in the kitchen. Here’s a glimpse to the kind of improvisation served in my kitchen: I give you my Tomato and Onion soup and two very special guests: Ms Rosemary and Mr Thyme.


Tomato and onion soup (featuring Ms Rosemary and Mr Thyme)

Ingredients: photogenic tomatoes (x3), one large onion, a brachelette of rosemary, one and a half teaspoons of thyme, salt (don’t make it too obvious your in love, as my mother would say, in other words: don’t be too generous with the salt!) pepper, olive oil, a glass of water and a bunch of love. Always love.




For those students out there who find themselves peaking into their fridge at least three times in a row on a Sunday afternoon: No worries! I just got all inspired and improvised a soup with as many ingredients as your left Hand allows you to count. What else you’ll need? Just cravings for veggies, cold-crisp weather (such as in Vienna) and some mere symptoms of a grotty cold should give you the ultimate motivational boost to get you started. I’m just talking from my personal experience.

I guess this is where I write down the steps… So lets give it a go!

Step one; don’t bother arranging your ingredients in a fashionable setting, I just did that to encourage your appetite. As I was saying, step one: chop up the tomatoes whilst the olive oil heats up in the cooking utensil – Momentaneous mental lapsus… What’s it called again? Ah! That’s right- A.k.a Sauce pan.



Add one half of the onion when the tomatoes have gone all soggy (you’ll know what I mean when it gets to that point). This is where you could add some garlic, or not. Personally, my excuse was not to scare off any sexy vampires. Kidding. Just my boyfriends’ plea. Sprinkle one teaspoon of Thyme together with some salt and pepper– do it wish an improvised Sound to make it more exciting, “woush, woush!” worked for me and move your arse to the rhythm of (add song title) to make out of this whole Scenario an obvious cliché.

Step three, or four.. maybe five? God, I’ve lost count. (At this point it’s obvious I’ve never written a recipe) WATER! Add a glass of water together with the rest of the sliced up onion and the half a teaspoon of Thyme remaining. And now… Make way for the Ms Rosemary majestic entry- as usual, fashionably late to aromatize the dish.

04Now, be patient and let it cook for about 8 minute. I say eight as I could say 10 or 5. Just keep an eye on the concoction and taste it whenever you feel like it. Da that whilst singing the following verses about six times: “I say Tomeitou, you say tomatou. TOMEITOU, TOMATOU”. Add some twists and swirls to the choreography and humor yourself.. trust me, time flies. Oh, try not to be caught in fraganti. It’s difficult to erase the image from the audience’s mind. Really.


And now it’s time to prove your real skills: don’t splash the rim of the bowl whilst poring a spoonful. If you manage, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I hope this was useful and that the steps provided were descripted graphically enough. If not, I’m sure you can find a downloadable version of a reclamation sheet…


Have an amaaaaaazing time! And don’t forget to sprinkle on love regularly  🙂


*photo credits: Natasha Schubert & Hanna Hayden ❤


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