MOMO MAG: A love affair

Image0075Once upon a time, there were two inseparable friends. So inseparable, they did everything together. They shopped side by side, went to the toilette hand in hand and partied ’til death did ’em part. 
Their bond was so, some thought they were sisters, others rumoured they were secret lovers (but how secret can in-the-face-so-together be?) and others said they belonged to the same species. In fact, they were so so so sinchronized, it was believed they shared a finger.
Be it a finger, the same left leg, the same bum-cheek or their entire phisionomy what is, in fact, true, is that they shared something. Hell did they share…. They shared the same inscrutiating unhealthy obsession (borderline to adiction) for shoes. Güell shoes, that is. 
So here is the proof, by the quick as lightning clicking of Momo‘s camera expertees. Momo Magwas so fascinated by this bi-shoe-sharing creature, he dedicated an entire morning annalyzing our worrying conduct. I hope he wasn’t too scared and was able to sleep peacefully and soundly, counting jumping furry sheep, later at night.
Image0002 Image0008 Image0065

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