“It-Girl”, “Fashionista” and “Girl Crush” aren’t really accepted in our lingo, back in #GodSaveTheKeic. They’re on our list of banned phrases because, well, yuck.

But (you saw that one coming, didn’t ya?) when it comes to A (does that sound to spooky and Pretty Little Liars kinda thing? Or is it disgustingly snobby and Gossip Girl-ish?? Ok, let’s set for A.G but… shit, now she’s portraying Ali G. Ok, let’s call her Andy Gimeno -Bond,  James Bond style- Ok, let’s stop. Ok, shut up now and end the never-ending paréntesis) we kind of felt the It-girl fairy dust in a major way… so to speak.

Hold your gowns, ladies, ‘cause here’s our new Fashion Insider… and she’s ready to kick some butt.



Sin título-1 copiaIMG_3187

Sport top: Nike / Grey coat, Flared trousers, White shoes: Zara / Black shirt: Maje / Handbag: Chanel


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