Balate Beer


Somewhere is to cafés what Pharrell Williams is to music. It’s cool, alternative, catchy and alluring. So when the Somwhere crew told me there was a beer-tasting going on, I was sold. It HAD to be good. Anything “somewhere-ified” is good.


Lipstick on, we headed somewhere (Ha!) towards the adventure. We discovered the oh-gasmic Balate beer and the cool guys behind it. Let me tell you, there is a looot of science going on in beer! You’re basically drinking H2O + CH3CH2OH and Co2 so no O gets in and… I guess I lost you there. Anyway, after a third-grade chemistry class, we tried their three types (Nil, Ter and Darro). This was actually the part we were bouncing around for…. I guess the poor blokes got scared and wished we’d hop back to the A&A meeting we’d come from…


Aaaanyway, if we’re up for comparissons (which it seems I am), Balate would be THE Sean Connery in the world of beer. It’s deep, smooth, velvety… And sexy. It has this laid back allure to it. With a Balate in hand, you just -tadaaah- become cool. A 90’s Kate Moss kinda cool. Maybe it’s the new cigarette… Remember when the older kids smoked during recess? They looked oh-so grown up and cool. Nowadays, they wouldn’t be smoking… They’d definitely be drinking Balate.


IMG_1037.JPGCheck out Balate HERE!!



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